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Djembe Masterclass for Beginners Volumes 1 and 2

Djembe Masterclass for Beginners Volumes 1 and 2

Volume 1 In this masterclass you will learn many foundational skills. First, the very basics: starting with tilting the djembe, then single strokes for the bass and slap. All the exercises are first shown slowly, using many camera angles. There are also many of the simple yet most important beats in this course.

By mastering these rhythms, you will be able to play some of the coolest, most practical beats, which also happen to be excellent for playing together with other musicians.

Volume 2 In this masterclass you will continue learning many of the most important basic skills. All the lessons consist of exercises that are first shown in a slow, medium, and faster tempo. 3 camera angles show the exact hand placement and movement for technically correct playing. The beats and rhythms taught are also perfect for use as fills or refreshments while playing a song.

Combining lessons from Volume 1 as you play is greatly recommended – most exercises fit together perfectly when played one after the other.

Purchasing this bundle saves you 30% ($60.00)

  • 72 Lessons
  • Running Time 3 Hours 11 Minutes
  • 3 Camera Angles (4K)
  • Lessons Overview PDFs
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