4th Most Important Djembe Beat

“Bro, you have completely lost it. You’re putting beats on a pedestal! There is no way any beat can be the fourth most important one!”
Relax, man. Of course there is no leaderboard in that sense in the real world. But it still has a point.

Have you heard of reggaeton? Well, I almost hadn’t. I mean, the beat was familiar. I just didn’t know that this beat could be so important to a genre.

Basically, when you play the 332 beat, which I highly recommend, then you can play the same beat using two bass strokes. And voilà – you’re playing the 4th most important djembe beat. AKA the reggaeton beat. You should check out the video below to hear and see exactly how it sounds with a djembe. Also, this beat is explained in more detail in the Djembe Masterclass for Beginners Volume 1 course (Lesson 23).

I’m sure when you hear this beat you will remember a few songs that have had this exact beat in it. So – practice slowly and then pick up the tempo. It’s the only way to get this beat to sound just perfect!

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